Broken: The trailer

FILM TITLE Broken LOGLINE A Christian unemployed young man finds love in a Muslim girl after been helped by her father, he stands to maintain his job or loose his life for love SYNOPSIS Alhaji Aminu is married to a…

Broken: The trailer



A Christian unemployed young man finds love in a Muslim girl after been helped by her father, he stands to maintain his job or loose his life for love
Alhaji Aminu is married to a Christian woman and they both have a son called Adamu and a daughter called Amina. Amina after passing from NYSC returns home and was offered a job in her father company. Pride and arrogance makes Amina look down on all her father’s employees as she feels no one has the right to talk or correct her. With this attitude of hers, she was hated by all in the company. On a faithful day, Alhaji Aminu was driving late to a meeting when his car broke down and there was mechanic close by, stranded and confused not knowing what to do, a young man walks up to him and helped him fix his broken car and refused accepting payment for his deeds when offered one by the Alhaji. Alhaji went home that day and told his family about his encounter about the strange igbo boy who helped him but refused to accept money in return.
Later, Adamu went to pick up some things and supervise his father’s project but on his way, he was attacked by some thugs who stabbed him and left him to die but by the clear intervention of the same igbo boy called Obinna, who arrived the scene as he was passing after returning from meeting an old friend who unknown to him works in Alhaji Aminu’s company, he quickly rushed him to the hospital and left without disclosing his identity to anyone for fear of paying the hospital bills. Obinna is also a graduate but has no job. After Adamu recovers from his injuries, he traveled out of the country for his masters. On the day he left the country, Alhaji Aminu, wife and Amina accidently drove into Obinna and as Alhaji Aminu decided to repay Obinna by bringing him into his house but this did not go down well with his wife. As Obinna started staying with Alhaji Aminu and family, he began to have misunderstandings with the rude Amina.
This good day came that Alhaji Aminu must prepare the company’s account as Adamu whose job it is is not around and must present it first thing tomorrow morning to the auditors but could not because he was weak so he slept off leaving everything in the sitting room. Obinna helps him in completing the account and the next morning, after submitting the account, the auditors were very impressed and even sought for permission to use the company’s format. Alhaji Aminu surprise, went home and asked his wife who told him she saw Obinna writing something last night. When Alhaji Aminu discovered Obinna did that, he immediately gave him a job in his company to replace his son Adamu who traveled. Alhaji Aminu told his daughter to report to Obinna then all helll broke loose. Obinna contributed immensely to the growth of the company as all other employees confirmed it and this made Alhaji Aminu reward him with a car and some money to get a house for himself.
Amina who hated Obinna began to fall in love with him and sooner than expected, they became good friends.
Obinna spoke to his mother about his intention of marrying Amina, she did not refuse but told him to be careful as they two are from two different religious background.
Alhaji Aminu was not in support of Obinna marrying his daughter so he sacked him from his company but unknown to him that his wife has planned to murder Obinna. On the day Obinna was sacked on his way back home, he was. Shot and killed by two killers. Alhaji Aminu investigated the murder with the help of the police and later discovered that his wife was behind the murder. She was arrested but Amina lived the rest of her life unmarried.
1. Alhaji Aminu who is a Muslim, married to a Christian woman and has a son Adamu and a daughter Amina. He owns his company Aminux consolidate
2. Alhaji Aminu’s wife: A Christian woman married to a Muslim man, the mother to Adamu and Amina. She was the brain behind the killing of Obinna
3. Amina: The daughter to Alhaji Aminu a rude and arrogant lady who despite her life style fell in love with Obinna. After the death of Obinna her lover, she refused marrying or falling in love again for the rest of her life.
4. Obinna: He is a guy from a low background who found his way into the life of a rich family. He helped Alhaji Aminu when his car broke down and he equally help Adamu when he was left to die by the wayside. He later fell in love with his boss daughter but was killed for it.
5. Adamu: The son of Alhaji Aminu who traveled outside the country, when he returned he was stabbed but rescued by Obinna.

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