Chris Masters Mah – Raven – 1 Primetime

In an old blues bar in Memphis, John is met by a shadowy figure — Raven, the father-figure to his own mentor. There, he must come to terms to what he has become… A vampire. “There is a great story…

Chris Masters Mah - Raven - 1 Primetime



In an old blues bar in Memphis, John is met by a shadowy figure — Raven, the father-figure to his own mentor. There, he must come to terms to what he has become… A vampire.

“There is a great story to this. A few nights ago, Saturday the 16th Jan, 2016, I had finished building the character — complete with the full assemble of clothing befit an ancient vampire, including a formal singlet with truffles and a fly blue dinner suit — and I (literally) took him to town. From 9pm – 6am, I field-tested the nocturnal character in the city of Melbourne, across Crown Boulevard to Chapel Street to the bustling sleepless CBD itself. How reality reacted to Raven, fed and informed the character in such depth. Many discoveries were made, one of which was — people aren’t too fazed at night to creatures that many not exist… If anything, they look a little longer, they initiate interaction a lot less per hour. In other words, humanity would tend to leave such creatures alone. Maybe it’s desensitization of TV. It seems rather acceptable in the night, to be walking around pale as death.

(In first-person) As a Vampire, we’d hide the fact that we are vampires. But as playful as we are, I showed my fangs on occasion to see if I could get a reaction — most people would just look a while longer with an expression saying, ‘Did I just see that?’ Only one time at 3am did I let the cat out of the bag and say to an attractive girl I was chatting with, that I was a vampire, ‘that if you looked closely, my skin is translucent.’ She leaned in, then LEAPED back with an ‘OH MY GOD!’ …

Vampire are great actors, and if they walked the earth, I think they’re not invisible in mirrors, but they’re invisible in society because they’ve learnt to blend in plainclothes.” — CMM…

Fun discoveries:
1) The scene is set in Memphis, our reader is actually from Memphis, Tennessee.
2) While shooting, in-between takes, Poet IQ recalls genuinely being afraid in the scene of the man sitting in front of him, and when he looked away to his left, he saw a retro poster of a giant black cat gnawing into a human being, which was equally horrifying in the moment. That image was too appropriate*.

Chris Masters Mah as Raven
Poet IQ as Johnny

Josh “Jesus” Beahan – Director of Photography
Andrew Cherry – Sound

Special Thanks:
Marcus & Lea @ Nighthawk Blues Bar

Chris, Josh, and Andrew are part of UTROPIA feature film.

Animal work: Cat.
Chris Masters Mah is a passionate actor with an incredible work ethic, love for the craft and industry, and has been a working actor since 2011. He studied at Victorian College of Arts. His recent work includes Hunters (2016 US Sci-Fi TV Series) as Exo-Terrorism Unit Officer, and Tomorrow When the War Began (2016 TV Series) as Soldier (Loop Group, Various).

Chris is a multi-award winning actor, who won Best Actor in his first attempt at Crash Test Drama (2014) and Best Actor in Comfy Short Film Festival Finals (2014) for “A Fairy Tale” directed by Stefan Bugryn. The dark comedy also ironically won Best Drama twice (Connect Film Fest 2013) and Best Film (Comfy Shorts 2014). His crime film directed by Dan Johnson, “Small Packages”, made Top 100 Short Films as selected by St Kilda Film Festival.

He is grounded, collaborative by nature, and always on the look out for the next interesting role / project — “You are only as good as your last work” are words he lives by.

His focus is TV, feature films, and quality theatre.

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