G-B0$$/ INF3CT (G-I-Rilla)- H.A.M. Freestyle (Project Wannabe Rapper)

YEE! Hello My name is Gabe and i sorta rap freestyles for fun and i consider this as one of my hobbies! I used to call myself “G-B0$$/INF3CT” in freshman year, but now i think i want to call myself…

G-B0$$/ INF3CT (G-I-Rilla)- H.A.M. Freestyle (Project Wannabe Rapper)



YEE! Hello My name is Gabe and i sorta rap freestyles for fun and i consider this as one of my hobbies! I used to call myself “G-B0$$/INF3CT” in freshman year, but now i think i want to call myself “G-I-Rilla” (Gabes-Ill-Rilla) for senior year yup!!! SO this video here is different from my other rap videos that i have uploaded because 1) It’s on a mainstream instrumental, kinda hehe, because i thought this was a cool instrumental to rap to, and i just put my spin towards it, some time ago during this summer! and 2) is because im doing this live and its the most recent video of me recording myself! i sorta get into “Beast Mode” during the second half of the song because i just felt pumped xD i felt better than Kanye or Jay-z no disrespect to these two remarkable rappers that have become legends in the making, i just get excited when i rap lol! So here it is, i used this instrumental from this link: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ZXgN9EosCR0 i do not own it, i just own my own lyrics and words, especially the flow lol and i hope you enjoy this and oooh i also have lyrics to this! so here they are [BTW i kinda messed up on one of the last rhymes on the last verse, maybe youll find it ;)]:

[Verse 1]
I woke up right now to the next beat,
on when citizens come to meet and greet,
Im awake and i am ready,
if only i had a challenge to take me to defeat,
sneezing on my turf, got tissues in your purse?
my ground’s so adamant, wash yourself first,
clean fights, when you rolling with turlock bulldogs at these heights, crushed on sight
bite down, blue and gold bound, ready to make another hit, turn around the sound,
fucking with the bitch at the prom with the gown, i found to the soul that she never was proud,
just a slut, with a big butt, titties with the double d cup, tell me thats whats up if you hound,
but whats the better choice, almost fucked up chasing tail, thats why i stayed on loving one gal,
before you step down, dont ever let down, i almost take down, all my foes to cha-town,
and also breathing fire on your marshmellow flows, im letting you know i could never stop now,
placing my comedy, energy bursting, and letting my verse bring another sense to the table,
the sixth one, run and come and get some, im feeling your minds missed one, i can tell your hateful,
let the beast within, eat all the meat, in the end, imma let it loose, till i reach my revenge,
im sorry about that, that was me from the past, but he can come back, and take it all back, and give an apology for my dark skies, not here to fuck you over and sodomize, but i have many eyes to see you, id apologize if only you wanted to be good friends, otherwise ill go ham,

[Hook] (you know what they are lol)

[Verse 2]
already started on my math homework,
being a jerk acting stupid, isnt gonna work
tell me what the difference between me and you is,
i got george lucas money, with school on my music
sleeping on my turf, got issues in your brain?
fix them go to college and get a real girl to tame,
my poetic rythem, got us going places,
places that make you jealous, throwing faces,
semicolon and the right side parentheses,
im a sick emcee, we can all see these,
flows of mine are also bring miseries
yet it goes hard like quentin terentino,
yet it displays what the rorshachs ink knows,
yet its art like its salvador dali,
unexpected respect from the ballers coming at me,
my happy faces meet the aggravated vetos
like the phillipenos after the fight,
mayweather dodging left and right,
still got the money, yeah thats not me,
not to compare, but i go ali,
if i keep it harder me, casa gets larger trees, and maybe some water parks, nobody stopping me,
look like a shadow creeping onto you
christopher beebouts omnipitance is plausible
almost as homer simpson unstoppable
if you want keep it capulet and montague
stay out of my way, cuz the negative hits,
and i dont need your fits, being thrown out of your lips,
you think i need this, i earn my love with spit,
for some time, i aint had shit,
so saying that to me, i guess it had to be,
im a cali prince, cuz i live it casually, yet i still go ham

To be honest, i feel like a kid haha! Well i mean i am a kid, almost done with high school, but yeah i look funny, but DOPE at the same time! Shoutout to Strange Music, FunkVolume, THS and all THS Bulldogs lol, and Jay-Z and Kanye west, and all who listen πŸ™‚

I’m Strange (\S/)
^S^ πŸ™‚

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