Take a selfie | D Billions Kids Songs

Lyrics: Take a photo. Take, take a photo. Take a photo. Take, take a photo. Take a Selfie. Cheese! Take, take a Selfie. Cheese! Take a photo. Cheese! Take, take a photo. Cheese! #DBillions, #selfie Copyright AWA LLC 2022. All…

Suki and Piper taking selfies together 📸🤳☺️

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🎥🛹Filming Tony Hawk and taking selfies

Anthony Ferraro meets Toby Hawk. Blind skater meets Toby Hawk. Wife of blind skater selfies with Tony Hawk. Blind👨🏽‍🦯ParaJudo🥋ParaSkate🛹 🇺🇸TeamUSA🦯Musician🎸MotivationalSpeaker🎤Podcaster🎙Four Bad Eyes Podcast👀👀Blind Busking Livestream Music Tour🚌 “the only disability is a bad attitude” #jkl and one love!! 👇🏼👇🏽Rent my…