Jeremy Crooks Foxtrot

Director: Chad Schollmeyer Track Produced by ATND Productions Track Written By Jeremy Crooks Music Video Foxtrot off of Jeremy Crooks EP “Flux” You can find it on iTunes, Spotify, Amazon, and at: Http:// #jeremycrooks A High Fidelity Pictures and…

Jeremy Crooks Foxtrot



Director: Chad Schollmeyer

Track Produced by ATND Productions
Track Written By Jeremy Crooks
Music Video Foxtrot off of Jeremy Crooks EP “Flux”
You can find it on iTunes, Spotify, Amazon, and at:

A High Fidelity Pictures and
Motion FLO Entertainment

Shot on location at
H.Q. Avalon Studios Los Angeles

A buddy of mine named Stewart Maclennan, directed a fashion film at my studio almost a year and a half ago, and one of the actors, Mathieu Forget, and I kept in touch after the shoot. He emailed me a few weeks later and told me about this dancer that I should work with sometime named Jeremy Crooks. I checked out some of his videos which were pretty amazing but I never ended up contacting him. 6 months later Jeremy shot a video at my studio (we still did not know we had a mutual friend) and I remember hearing this amazing track while I was in my office. This was the first time I heard FOXTROT and I remember sitting there and thinking “Man I wish I was directing this video because this song is pretty sick”. I remember looking him up again and finally realized this was the same guy I was referred to 6 months ago! A year passes and Jeremy calls me up and by sheer random events, I was given the opportunity to direct this music video for his single “Foxtrot”. The song is just shy of 4 minutes and its a very low tempo ballad so keeping the video visually stimulating was by far the hardest part to figure out how to shoot it. So I broke the song up into 5 acts, almost like a play, which I hoped would make the song seem shorter while you watched the video. I remember how much I loved 90’s music videos like the Verve’s “Bittersweet Symphony” and Coldplays “Yellow” and I always wanted to do something similar. I decided to shoot one of the sequences right in the middle of Hollywood Blvd with hundreds of tourist, gorilla style. It was just chaos. Cops everywhere. We had spotters, extra’s, playback on a boom box strapped to a luggage cart. My poor camera man had to walk backwards for about 50 yards blind for every take and actually ended up backing up into a baby carriage. To make things even worse for my crew I insisted we shoot at 60frames per second and have the whole video in slow motion. This forced Jeremy to sing precisely with playback which was sped up to 250 percent so his lips would sync when we slowed it down. It was like shooting to the chipmunks for over 24 hours. It was really just insanity. We powered through all this is 2 crazy ass days and I am so very proud of the final product. Here are the people that made this all a reality. A can’t thank you all enough. I can’t get over how surreal it is to see on film something I was only imagining in my head a year earlier. Nothing cooler. As a new director I still can’t believe I had such a great artist and song to work with for my first music video. It just never happens that way.

Jeremy Crooks: You’re a madman! Your gonna’ blow up buddy. Thank you for laughing at our pain, misery, and non-logical thinking throughout the whole shoot. From your point of view it most of been just comedy watching us.

Chris Fox: You went through this like a warrior buddy. Thanks for suffering. You know you’re the shit. You put my brain on film and edited for over a 100 hours. Always there for me. Like a G
Katrina Norman: Geez Louise. People be like “Damn that girl can dance!” You made this video beautiful.

Aaron Pryor. It’s “Behind the scenes” Not “In the Scenes”. You were a great extra. Quit being a better photographer than me. It makes me looks bad.

Adam Stoller: Still the most interesting man in the world. Thank you for doing every one’s job throughout the shoot when we got lazy or too drunk.

Ryan Moran: Your comic relief kept us sane. Plus the crew could come talk to you whenever they were about to beat me with a stick

Brianna Nakatani: My faithful assistant. You’re fired. Just kidding. But I’m going need you to come work on Sunday. Yeah. Its on the TPS report.

Scotty: Killed it on the last shot. Windy as hell that day. You took it to another level. Thanks so much man.

Starring: Jeremy Crooks and Katrina Norman
Directed By: Chad Schollmeyer
Dp: Chris Fox
1st AD: Adam Stoller
1st AC: Ryan “Bugs” Moran
Production Coordinator: Brianna Nakatani
Wardrobe Stylist: Loureen Ayyoub
Aerial Footage: Scott Stone
Featuring: Natalie Eloskof and Brianna Nakatani

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A special thanks to Jeremy Crooks, High Fidelity Pictures, HQ Avalon Studios, Studios 60, Chris fox, Scott Stone, Loureen Ayyoub, Adam Stoller, Katrina Norman, Ryan Moran, Natalie Eloskof, and Brianna Nakatani

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