Kim and Fi’s Wedding

See the list of credits (people who made the wedding happen) below. Kim and Fi got married at the Salisbury Centre in Edinburgh on Saturday 5th April 2014. It was an “interfaith” ceremony — spiritual without being religious — and…

Kim and Fi's Wedding



See the list of credits (people who made the wedding happen) below.

Kim and Fi got married at the Salisbury Centre in Edinburgh on Saturday 5th April 2014. It was an “interfaith” ceremony — spiritual without being religious — and a lot of friends and family were there. As you can see from their faces, it was a happy event.

After the ceremony we moved next door to the pub, the Salisbury Arms, and then round the corner to a local church hall where an amazing dinner had been prepared by a small group of incredibly hardworking volunteers (see their names below).

My brother Gavin was the best man and he gave a speech — his first on a stage — which was so funny that many suggested that he should try his hand at stand up comedy. Another of his many talents.

Rupert Wolfe Murray, 10th April 2014


Wedding Credits, by Kim and Fi:

Natasha Hood – Interfaith celebrant

Gavin Wolfe Murray – Best man & smooth operator

Jude Zietara – Second best man & ring bearer

Heather Morris – Maid of honour

Magdalena Morris – Bridal party costume & hair stylist

Jason Morris – Father of the bride

India Morris – Head flower girl

Lena Whitney-Morris – Assistant to head flower girl

Bonnie Squair – Reception party executive consultant

Charles Finnie – Kitchen maestro, quinoa & poppy seed salad

Jack Finnie – Sous chef

Stephanie Wolfe Murray – Salmon, rhubarb fools & decor

Fi Martynoga – Wedding cake, salmon & decor

Connie Poon – Bouquets, buttonholes & table arrangements

Bronwyn Crowther-Poon – Assistant flower arranger & calligrapher

Chad McCail – Technical advisor, party facilitator & potato salad

Coll McCail – Assistant to technical advisor & party facilitator

John Ayscough – Assistant chef, wall decor & hall set up

Alice Boyle – Assistant to reception party consultant

Robin Wood – Arboreal consultant & stag coordinator

Blanka Bednarova – Foliage forager & ratatouille chef

Marcin Maciejewski – Ratatouille chef

Roland Medve – Ratatouille chef

Amanda Mutch – Beetroot salad & quiches

Nikita Wolfe Murray – Banoffee pies

Christina Wolfe Murray – Meat loaf

Angus Wolfe Murray – Tomato salad

Antonia McDonald – potato salad

Anne Farquhar – Green bean salad

Toby Shippey – Ceileidh band leader

Justine Wojcicka: Delicious pudding cakes

Cindy Ledgerwood – Herbal teas

Maddy McKay – Sprinkling fairy dust facilitator

Margo Herries – herb salad.


Special thanks to:

Yotam Ottolenghi whose recipes were the inspiration for the feast

Derek Jenkins at St Peters Hall for being so accommodating

Iain Rodgers for helping us book The Salisbury Centre

Ahmed from Bethany’s for providing crockery & cutlery


Kim and Fi also wrote this in an email:

“Here is the list of helpers we have accumulated so far. There might well be others and will forward as I can. They do actually explain what people did with the exception of Gavin who did loads of food ordering and coordination in the last couple of weeks as well as Charles who I know made more salads and was basically directing the whole catering operation and was an extremely reliable heavyweight without whom we might have descended into a state of total chaos.”


Email from Gavin:

“Hey y’all

Great wedding. It was perfect beyond my imagining. Let’s look at the facts.

Forecast rain at 2pm meant wedding in the library. Reality was sunshine on couple, everyone got to attend.

The food was I think the best I’ve ever had at a wedding and there was more than needed (hard to gauge when the numbers kept changing and no idea how much sundry unknowns were cooking).

The music, the company, everything was great … until the cleanup. But even then it was ok, Kim said that sweeping the floor at 01:30 was a cleansing, happy moment.”

Message from the Honeymoon:

Having an unbelievably romantic honeymoon in Morocco.

Weather by the Atlantic is cooler than Marrakech but still incredibly pleasant. The colours, smells, tastes and sounds still so exotic and yet strangely familiar. The endless tourist markets full of nick-nacks you would find at festivals in the uk. Jimmy Hendrix apparently spent a formative sojourn in this town once upon a very long time ago. Now essaouira is one of the locations of the game of thrones series. However nothing can prepare you for the sensual overload of simply stepping out of the front door of the Riad (traditional home/hotel with rooftop terrace and/or garden) and rambling down the maze of narrow streets into the bustle and blether of the markets. Dodging urchins, hustlers and beggars.

Parrying smooth talking salesmen. Sidestepping stray cats hunting for scraps. The futile internal battle to resist the delightful temptations being proffered at every turn.

Lots of love and kisses

The lovebirds


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