LAYLA SABAH | Day & Night

An experimental silent comedy depicting the story of a typical Lebanese girl who is desperate because her new date failed her expectations. The next day she arrives late to work. In order not to lose her job she finds herself…

LAYLA SABAH | Day & Night



An experimental silent comedy depicting the story of a typical Lebanese girl who is desperate because her new date failed her expectations. The next day she arrives late to work. In order not to lose her job she finds herself coerced to fabricate Lebanese style excuses. Does the lying happen only once or these lies are just another lifestyle that accompanies her day and night? This story is a cycle that never ends.

Includes English Subtitles

I dedicate this project to all residents of Lebanon and the Lebanese citizens, in particular those who are surviving the current situation. Whether; financially, socially, or politically, chaos, barbarism and corruption are spread all over the country.

This piece of art is created in a way to criticize the present situation in an ironic way with a comical approach, in an intention to remind and create awareness of the devastating cycle we are living in. It is one of the best mediums to encourage and inspire everyone to make a change. However, it starts within each one of us, as individuals in the society. We always blame the country, yet we have to learn to accept the flaws of our community that come initially from our own actions as individuals.

This is not a lesson in philosophy or a social awareness campaign; it is simply an exposure on the controversial pattern of lifestyle we all follow. We justify, we create excuses and fabricate false complications. Just, cheer up and rejoice arts have got it all!

“One hand doesn’t clap alone”, a saying not realized until the opposite is proven. A group of people sharing same interest and passion working on a piece of art with one spirit proves it. ‘Layla Sabah’ came out with a stunning outcome, all the credits goes to all the participants without any exception starting from the production team, instructors, friends, family and supporters, all those who contributed to the success of the project.

First of all, my recognition goes to the respected Vice President of AUST, Mr. Riad Sakr, for his endless support. Then, appreciations go to the head of the Communication of Arts department, Dr. George Farha, who has always been helpful. My thankfulness goes to Mrs. Aisha Labban, my senior advisor for her guidance and follows-up. My acknowledgments to all other professors too for their support, Talal Chami, Alain Mhanna, Elie Habib, Lisette Makhoul El Hajj, Dr Faisal Nsouli, as well as Tarek Wakim and Lady Maalouf, my school instructors.

Nevertheless, cheers to all the production film personnel who worked with passion and enthusiasm to complete the task to the end. Thanks for their patience and endurance all through the shooting period. Mansour Aoun, Kamal Senno, Yasmine Bitar, Mahmoud Al Sayed, Jad Jawhar, Keon Akoum, Poala Hraoui, Hovsep Boyaji, Eshraq Hajj Hassan, Sarah Saad, Afif Jamil, Albert Barakat, Elie Raffoul, Salwa Salmo, Emile Francis, Maribelle Tannous, Marriane Al Kahwaji.

Thanks to all the actors and faces who appeared on screen. Sami Hamdan, Mohamad Charaf, Cyril Koukoutsaki, Ramy Al Khayyat, Gaby Rahme, Dany Sayegh, Peter Younes, Khodor Hakim and Sandy Nasrallah, all the luck for her great main role.

Special appreciations go for Mr. Jean Pierre Gebara, the municipality president of Kornit Chehwan, Salem Abou Mjahed, the head of programming in New TV, Mohamad Meselmane, the head of programming in Future TV, the actor Mr. Tarek Tamam, Elianne El Hajj, the renowned journalist and public relations practitioner, Amani Sabbagh, the producer, Elias El Zayek, the actor, and George Khabbaz for his guidance.

Special thanks to all friends who supported this project. Oliver Bou Eid, Elizabeth Darazi, Armando Maalouf, Toni Khalife, Elias Nasrallah, Ousama Abdel Razek, Issa Farah, Edy Eid, Mohamad Habbal, Joseph Succar, Nabil Sabbah, Degol Roukus, Gassia Chahbazian, Rachelle Maksoud, Micheal Bardawiyye and Elsy Nawwar. Last but not least, many warm thanks to my family who encouraged and helped me all through the project phase; my dad, my mom, my sister, and my brother.

Hope we would all work in the future together again on bigger projects with greater impact.

Mission accomplished.

Ronaldo Azzam

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