Lois “Granny” Carter’s Amazing Grace

This is a tribute to my beautiful Lois “Granny” Carter. She had the heart of a mighty lion. Granny loved to tell everyone she knew about Jesus. That’s what I loved and admired most about her. Granny gave selflessly all…

Lois "Granny" Carter's Amazing Grace



This is a tribute to my beautiful Lois “Granny” Carter. She had the heart of a mighty lion. Granny loved to tell everyone she knew about Jesus. That’s what I loved and admired most about her. Granny gave selflessly all the time… She gave as Jesus gave. She was STILL taking plates of food to the “homebound” just a couple of months ago. (…With the help of a girlfriend at church.) Though SHE shouldve been the “homebound” at that point. She LOVED being a pastor’s wife, and when my grandfather “Pa” died unexpectedly, she never let that tragedy detour her from her own calling as a minister… though humbly, she never referred to herself as one. She continued on so bravely, never missing a moment to blow us all away with her strength. That same strength, at times, sadly masked her vulnerability and sensitivity. A couple of years ago, we were honored to celebrate her 80th birthday with her. As my mom Donna (her daughter) and Dad began to sing the classic rendition of “Happy birthday”, she began to weep. My mom (midway through the song) walked over to her and put her arms around her. After the song was over, we all were tickled that such a simple song could drive her to such an emotional place. She then explained that it was the first time in her entire life anyone had sung “Happy Birthday” TO HER. “How did we miss that?!”, we all wondered silently. All of the birthday celebrations, the gifts, cakes she made, money and time she spent on us… and we somehow missed singing it to HER. I believe her strength and humility organically placed her behind the scenes more often than not. I’m so glad we were able to sing FOR HER that day. Her humor was one of her best attributes. She was a fast-paced, quirky lady… always walking fast everywhere she went… inspiring us all to put a little more fire in our hearts for the tasks at hand. When she’d send money at Christmas time, she always allocated everything out in the Christmas card… so to ensure “the payments will go as follows: Nate $50, Cindi $50, Colton $35”. OMGoodness, this woman has my heart. Speaking of, we have been reading the same devotional for a couple of years… since my pregnancy. It’s called “Journey” put out by Lifeway church. We would talk on the phone each week about the scriptures or passages that spoke or impacted us that week. I would just relish in her wisdom and love. She is so smart. We were very intertwined in our love for the bible… definitely kindred spirits, if you may. She provoked those spiritual desires in me, always leading by example. Granny is so special to ALL of our family. For me personally, Granny was the grandparent I felt the closest to. I felt we shared a special bond. Granny was a fighter, feisty, at times unpredictable, a bit naive, purposeful, and so generous with the skill sets God blessed her with… cooking, gardening, sewing, and sharing the Gospel of Jesus Christ with others. She was truly a “broken vessel” filled with God’s “Amazing Grace”. I like to say “she dripped in it”. I can only hope that I got a little bit of all that from her. The cooking, gardening, and sewing gene skipped me, and went on to my sister Jenni. Granny and Pa’s garden could rival any Botanical Garden as far as I’m concerned. With that said, recently Granny did not hide her disgust at the discovery that I had never pushed a wheel-barrel in my life until this past November while “helping” her in the yard. (Side-Note: I think she was trying to get me out of her hair for a bit… as I tend to “pester” her with a bunch of questions when we are together…. I also like to kiss her all over her face…. sometimes even simultaneously while inundating her with questions.) This photo/film montage is a tribute to her life, her ministry, and the beautiful legacy she will leave behind. The first part of the film tells a love story of a precious baby girl who grows up, falls in love with a preacher man, and becomes a full-time mom, driver, dance">hostess, pastor, and all around committed to her calling as a “Broken Vessel” used by God -hence the song choice “Broken Vessels” by Hillsong Worship. Part 2 of the tribute is called “Granny’s Hymn”. It will walk you through her days after the tragedy of her husband dying of an unexpected heart attack… and then finding her life and voice again after losing everything she knew to be “normal”. She made the very best of the 19 years that would follow, filled with beautiful memories, grandchildren, and even great grandchildren. The film ends on her move to Winfield, her 5-year battle through bone cancer, defying all odds, and making new friends and memories along the way… memories of a lifetime. TRULY- her joy and enthusiasm through it all was contagious. She was the template for perseverance and courage. The songs I chose were “No More Tears” by David Nevue and “Untitled Hymn-Come to Jesus” by Chris Rice. I know Granny can’t wait to dance with Jesus in her Pink nightgown. 🙂

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