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Home is Where the Heart is brief The story of how I learnt to believe in my purpose in life continues with the lead up to this film. It began with the seed of an idea that grew into a…

Remax Competition - Home is Where the Heart is



Home is Where the Heart is brief

The story of how I learnt to believe in my purpose in life continues with the lead up to this film. It began with the seed of an idea that grew into a quality production and all within a 6 week timeframe around other commitments and full time jobs. The full story is below but in a nutshell, this film is my entry for the short film competition for REMAX Property – ‘Make an Ad to sell your Pad”. The result is this short film which crosses genres – comedy, drama, action, romance and family…..

Credit goes to everyone who helped to make this happen:

Luke Walker – Cinematographer
Danny Sharpe – Editor
Graham & team at Brisbane Costume Hire – Giant Heart Costume
Lisa Killerby – Make-Up – Brisbane Face Painting
Deborah Runham & Dinner Club Monday – Catering
Bryce Wastney – Main Soundtrack – Bretania
Mallory Van Noort and Mallory Vanetti Band – Opening Office soundtrack

Christopher Story – Giant Heart
Sarah Do Rozario – Heart Shirt Girl
Christine Schindler – Office Worker 1
Gerry Phelan – Office Worker 2 and provided Office space to film scene 1
Isaac Calvert – Inspiration and Motivator as well as Personal Trainer and Business Owner of Prestige Lifestyles
The community of Prestige Lifestyles – Jiani Mazza, Craig Willis, Angela Oliphant, Ross Williams, Ashley Nicholson, Amanda Tolley, Renee Moynihan, Samuel Cooke.

A few months ago, I met with friend and business owner of Prestige Lifestyles – (my gym in Newstead- Brisbane) to discuss ideas I had to improve the already healthy Social Media profile of the business through Blogs and YouTube video etc. I craved a creative outlet from my real job marketing concrete and wanted personal training and membership in exchange for my abilities. We discussed several ideas and then he mentioned a competition REMAX Property was running, “Make and Ad to sell your Pad”. I walked away thinking, yeah I will check it out and was pumped with the thought of making another film. That night I wrote down at least 10 ideas for the competition but was not entirely happy with any of them so tried to sleep and said to myself, no pressure Christie, something will come. The very next day, the ideas flowed and everything came together.

I thought of the saying, home is where the heart is and initially thought of a graphic animation of a heart popping out of an office workers chest and going on a journey exploring the local area only to find happiness at home at Prestige Lifestyles when the heart would then run back to the office workers body and bring him back to life. I listened to the entire CD’s of 2 friends whose new albums had recently been released and found a few tracks that were appropriate to assist with the mood of the story and decided on the 2 tracks in the final soundtrack.

I networked to find an animator keen to work on the project and found an animator who loved the idea but said the timeframe was too short so I problem solved. I thought the concept would still work with the office worker dressed initially in a suite and then cross-dissolve to the heart. However, with further reflection and feedback from a few people who said that it sounded a bit morbid/suicidal (which was not the intention), I changed the initial concept again to make it more humorous and have a giant heart dressed up for the entire film leading a normal life… in search of happiness away from the office at home, Prestige Lifestyles.

The next mission was to find the heart costume – which was nowhere to be found in Australia or on the Internet until I called every costume hire company in Brisbane when Graham from Brisbane Costume Hire suggested a few options and we eventually came up with transforming and altering a giant tomato into a heart with veins etc. Then the need for make-up arose and I rang everyone in Brisbane (the day before the shoot) for a make-up artist and eventually found Lisa from Brisbane Face Painting. Catering on the shoot was the next battle and I met a friend of a friend at a party who I discovered enjoyed cooking outside of her day job teaching and thought she would enjoy the challenge and that she did and even themed the food for us.

Next it was finding talent which I left to Isaac to choose members from Prestige, which he did and I asked Sarah who is a PT at Prestige to play Heart Shirt Girl.

This was a team effort and although I did find it stressful at times, it all came together and pretty quickly too and I loved the experience!

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