SAM BRODIE (Profile Video Reel) [Actor/Singer/Presenter/Reality-TV-Star-Brand Ambassador]

This Reel is just a small compilation of media work that SAM has been involved in. Sam Brodie was born in the city of Medan, the capital of the Indonesian province of North Sumatra, on April the 14th 1987 to…

SAM BRODIE (Profile Video Reel) [Actor/Singer/Presenter/Reality-TV-Star-Brand Ambassador]



This Reel is just a small compilation of media work that SAM has been involved in.

Sam Brodie was born in the city of Medan, the capital of the Indonesian province of North Sumatra, on April the 14th 1987 to his Scottish Father and Indonesian Mother who were both working as Missionaries.

During his early years he grew up on the islands of Sumatra and West Java where his parents provided a humble lifestyle which he stills values today.

As a young child Sam and his family relocated to the UK. The transition was difficult on Sam and he suffered from relentless bullying and sexual abuse and was made homeless at the age of 14 after turmoil in the family home.

Despite his troublesome childhood, his unique ability to stay positive was his saving grace, a quality that has now become part of Sam’s likeability and trademark.

This rare ability to make others feel special sets him apart as he makes himself accessible to everyone where-ever he goes, which has been crucial to Sam’s life and career from the beginning.

Appearing on stage and entertaining others gave Sam the distraction from his not-so-happy reality, and slowly built his confidence from a shy child into the personality he has become today.

Sam started auditioning and obtained roles in several plays for the Ayrshire Voices Theatre Production company. After numerous shows, he joined his Secondary School Choir where his talents were recognised by his music teacher, and was given a main part in the timeless musical Sound of Music, where he played Friedrich, one of the Von Trapp Children at his School Greenwood Academy.

During his teenage years Sam was not happy with whom he was and found comfort in disguising himself as a male-to-female cross dresser, he would wear colourful clothing and his transformation lead him to wearing makeup, growing his hair, wearing girls clothing, and it was at this point Sam (as a girl) found the confidence that he had been missing in his life.

He lived and was accepted as a girl, working part time for a retail store, doing home-to-home manicure services for locals in his home town (Irvine, North-Ayrshire) and working in a call centre to earn extra cash.

All the while Sam was keeping busy, putting his focus on saving money to put himself through Acting and Performance College.

Not long after, his big break came, when Sam auditioned and got through 400,000 hopefuls for one of Endemol’s televised productions, this is when TV audiences were first introduced

to Sam in 2006 through his participation on Big Brother, where he gained recognition for bravely showing to the public that being different was okay.

Sam appeared on the hit reality show through his female persona, labelled by the media as the Tartan Tranny and known by his fans as the ‘Amazing Sam’, this was due to his overwhelming usage of the word ‘Amazing’. This then became Sam’s catchphrase which he still uses to this day; overall he was well received by the public upon his eviction.

Amidst the controversy that can come from being different and appearing on a national TV program, Sam rode the ups and downs of the pressures of being in the public eye, and took it in his stride to further strengthen his resolve and character.

In 2007 Sam relocated to Asia, where he quickly gathered the attention of the Indonesian public after appearing as a guest star on Indonesian TV.

With his unique individuality and comic antics, his bubbly traits shone through and he has been on television ever since.

With his ability to capture a plethora of characters, he relentlessly demands the audience’s full attention as soon as he appears on screen.

Sam has hosted numerous prime time talk shows, both on TV and radio, as well as off-air MC assignments, and has acquired a taste for acting after starring in his first feature film début for MNC Productions (RCTI Group) in April 2012, ‘Pliss deh Jangan Lebay’.

He has starred in many other leading roles including ‘Cinta Iwak Peyek’, and playing the character Bona in the drama movie ‘Biarkan aku lahir Ibu’ to date he has done 42 Indonesian Comedy/Drama Movies.

Sam is no stranger to the camera and this Indonesian born entertainer is constantly being admired for his comedic roles and performances.

Most recently Sam featured as the main character in MTV Indonesia’s global TV production ‘Boy Band Story’, where he played a character after his own name, acting as a road manager, for a new band called ‘Max5’ where he helped them develop from an unknown group to becoming one of Indonesia’s top 10 bands.

Sam is currently working on his mini-album with the help of Indonesia’s leading producers and has signed with a major label, also his talk show “SAMS HOUSE” and cooking show “GOOD FOOD GOOD MOOD” keeps his Indonesian fans occupied for now, he will be moving to bigger better things this year as he is set to play his first 2 major feature films in America and also one in Australia.

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