Social Butterfly Club Member Spotlight: Gourmet Republik

Gourmet Republik There’s a new dining and entertaining option in Maple Ridge for people on the go, but it’s not a restaurant. The recently opened Gourmet Republik is an unconventional take on somewhat elevated fare, offering high-quality meals prepared ahead…

Social Butterfly Club Member Spotlight: Gourmet Republik



Gourmet Republik

There’s a new dining and entertaining option in Maple Ridge for people on the go, but it’s not a restaurant. The recently opened Gourmet Republik is an unconventional take on somewhat elevated fare, offering high-quality meals prepared ahead of time. When entertaining friends and family and you need a few hearty nibbles such as tapenades and hummus, marinated mushrooms, chicken cacciatore or pulled pork, Gourmet Republik is the place to go! Your guests will wonder how long you have been standing over the stove or where you got the recipe!

All you have to do is take their products home and heat them up. “We’re bringing something different,” owner Peter Kent said. “We want to bring gourmet food without the cost or intimidation”.

Kent said their food allows busy people, especially those who work and commute, to experience great dinners without having to tie up an evening making food or going out.

“Most people have time issues today,” he said. “People can drop in or call ahead, and we’ll even make their dinner for them.”

The focus at Gourmet Republik, located at No. 6 – 22935 Lougheed Highway (across from Tolesky Stadium), is on pairing quality food with convenience at an affordable cost.

“It’s reasonably priced and of high restaurant quality,” Kent said. “It’s gourmet, it’s high-quality, but it’s a republic; everyone is welcome”.

Kent also pointed out that having that glass or two of wine is a lot simpler at home when there are no driving concerns.

Greg Keenan, Gourmet Republik’s partner and chef, said the key to producing good food comes from using top-drawer ingredients.

“We use quality, local, sustainable ingredients,” he said. “The 100-mile to 400-mile diet is our big focus”.

Keenan said Gourmet Republik’s extensive equipment allows staff to make all dishes on the premises, keeping things fresh. That offers benefits from quality and affordability standpoints.

“We debone our own chicken, we do our own butchery, which helps us provide a more attractive price point,” Keenan said. “It’s all fresh, all locally produced.”

One of their most popular dishes so far has been Keenan’s famed ribs. “Our number one selling product, we can’t even keep it in stock, is our ribs,” he said. “They’re all marinated and fully braised. They’re Fraser Valley pork ribs in a balsamic soy barbecue sauce.” You only need to reheat them on the BBQ or oven and within 4 minutes, you have succulent and juicy ribs. A favourite for all. There are plenty of other meat options, as well, including beef, chicken and pork skewers; a big hit to surprise your friends. Another specialty of Gourmet Republik is flavourful and innovative salads made fresh every day. “The edamame salad and crunchy cabbage just flies out the window. We can hardly keep up.”

The restaurant industry has been Keenan’s life for the past few decades. He loves the Gourmet Republik concept, as it allows more people to experience what good cooking can be without all the preparation. “I’m 34 now, I started when I was 14,” Keenan said. “I’m accredited to teach culinary arts, as high as you can go in Canada. A huge passion of mine is watching people learn how to make and appreciate good food.”

Keenan said Gourmet Republik’s well worth a try – make life easy on girl’s night out or for the guy’s watching the game – order some tasty fare such as wings or an antipasto platter.

Gourmet Republik , naturally, offers amazing catering for everything from small business luncheons to large events like weddings or corporate dinners, family BBQ’s or healthy lunches while you’re heading to the hiking trails.

“If you like quality without the fuss and stress and you like good food, this is the place,” Keenan said.

The Maple Ridge store is Gourmet Republik’s first outlet, but Kent said it could expand elsewhere over time.

“It’s a showroom, a showcase of the food that we bring,” he said. “The possibility is there that we will go beyond Maple Ridge.” Kent said Maple Ridge made a perfect market for Gourmet Republik thanks to its rapid growth. “It’s in the first two areas of development in the Greater Vancouver area,” he said. “With the tremendous increase in the young families from the growth in development, they’re ready for this kind of facility … Why should only downtown Vancouver get the best of the best? Why shouldn’t Maple Ridge get the best?”

Catering is surely a focus for Gourmet Republik. We are able to accomodate the simple, the simply elegant, the down home, the corporate office meeting, as well as the complex and fancy–think awards dinner or wedding.

Our strong suit is listening to our clients and customizing our offering to suit so that every event is a standout. So, if you are heading out on the water or going hiking or just enjoying your backyard why not order your exquisite,fully cooked BBQ items or lunch/picnic basket and snacks from Chef Greg of Gourmet Republik who will ensure that your food will be mouthwatering and amazingly presented!

The bottom line is that we care about our clients and we will do anything to ensure so much fun and satisfaction as will lead to a relationship of trust, respect and many returns. The Gourmet Republik Team is building its brand on integrity, performance and value.

For more information or to place an order, call Gourmet Republik at (604) 467-5300, or visit, email:

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