The Midnight Game “Coming Soon!”

Divorcee and Father of two kids, John Phoenix works as a private detective in many times. Cases are open and closed for good. However, one in particular had always remained unanswered, yet it had to be closed as a cold…

The Midnight Game "Coming Soon!"



Divorcee and Father of two kids, John Phoenix works as a private detective in many times. Cases are open and closed for good. However, one in particular had always remained unanswered, yet it had to be closed as a cold case. Nine girls vanished without a trace, two from different countries, and the only lead he ever had was that every single one of them were playing a game called “The Midnight Game” the night before.

The Midnight Game was an old Pagan ritual to sacrifice criminals to a monster that took the form of a man. Anyone who plays this game is on the balance between life and death. If played well, the player survives with only vicious nightmares for a week. If played wrong, the “Midnight Man” will collect them and tear their bodies apart. Witnesses of each girl have had the same story. They played the game for fun and giggles the night before, they survive, yet the next day, the victims vanish, never to be heard from again.

Detective Phoenix worked on this case for many months while in the mist of it, he marries Jeanine, a beautiful restaurant owner. In time, his two daughters grow up, in which the case of the missing girls was shelved. Hayley was the youngest and high-spirited most. She’s not afraid to speak her mind and be brutally honest. Despite being the youngest, Hayley looks after her older A.J. and works hard at jobs to keep her family together.

A.J. was the oldest and a mute. She hadn’t spoken for a very long time due to an incident that involved with a friend of hers that died tragically. However, she expresses herself through art and sometimes, if you’re up around midnight, you can hear her singing. She suffers from lack of social, but she keeps up a positive look not matter what.

Years have passed, and the Phoenix family lived quietly at home when suddenly; noises of falling objects were heard outside. John rushes out to scare the intruder, but comes across a desperate man, looking for his daughter, Pen. John urged the man to take this to the police, but the man insisted he would listen to his story. Sighing in frustration, John lets him in. Jeanine was in the middle of cooking, fixing tea for her husband and the new guest. As John settled the man down, he opened his ears. The man’s daughter spent the night at her friend’s and the next day, she’s gone. When John asked why this wasn’t reported to the police first, the answer he got made his and Jeanine’s heart stop.

“Because that night, her friends were playing a game.”

Meanwhile, upstairs, A.J. mourned over the death anniversary of her best friend, who was killed from a house fire. She had seen his body burnt (for she was over at his house at the time, and she survived), and never talked again. Holding a fabric from his shirt he once wore, she wished she could see him. Then, she hears a voice, beckoning her. Within her walls, a shadow of a man beckoned her to come with him, telling her that she can see her friend again.

Outside, Hayley was doing her regular chore with the hen house they got years ago when a chicken frantically scurried onto her shoulders. She complains that these birds were so afraid of everything, even their own shadows. How unfortunate she was right when a shadow engulfed her.

As soon as the man left, Jeanine closed the door, needing to ask if her dear husband will take up that case. John shrugs, thinking that it will be impossible to solve at this time and year. Jeanine replies, “Didn’t you always say that ‘impossible’ is not in your vocabulary?” John lovingly gives her a look. He knows she supports him, and that’s why he loved her. She then asks to go call for Hayley while she gets A.J.

When she opens A.J.’s door, the room was dark and empty. She calls out for her, but no answer. Bewildered, she looks around on her daughter’s sudden disappearance, only to be greeted by a man of shadows reflected in the mirror. John calls out for Hayley, but no answer from her. Before he could think on where she went to, he hears Jeanine screaming inside the house. He turns around…”JEANINE?!”

To Be Continued…?

So, what on earth did I just make? Well, I can’t give out details yet, but it’s a little snippet for an upcoming Halloween Project. All I’ll say is that it’s based on Creepy Pasta’s “The Midnight Game” and inspired by Miss Somina’s story. You can hear her story here:

Stay tuned for more!

Song: Silent Hill

Artist: Akira Yamaoka


Dean as John Phoenix (The Iron Giant)
Cinderella as Jeanine Phoenix (Cinderella 1and 3)
Rapunzel as A.J. Phoenix (Tangled)
Kayley as Hayley Phoenix (Quest for Camelot)
Vanellope von Schweetz as Pen (Wreck-It Ralph)
King Candy as Pen’s Father (Wreck-It Ralph)
Pitch Black as the Midnight Man (Rise of the Guardians)

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