“The Overture: TO ALL RAPPERS” – Bri Bruce (praticing2-NEWEST)

“The Overture: TO ALL RAPPERS” (lyrics in progress) Bri Bruce © 2015 “(hook) i didn’t want to seemed like Dr. Seuss not cool (verse) bout two years ago or so but i dunno cuz what’s time and glancin through some…

"The Overture: TO ALL RAPPERS" - Bri Bruce (praticing2-NEWEST)



“The Overture: TO ALL RAPPERS” (lyrics in progress)
Bri Bruce © 2015

i didn’t want to
seemed like Dr. Seuss
not cool

bout two years ago or so but i dunno cuz what’s time and glancin through some pre-teen journals of mine i f-f-find inclines of rhymes i didn’t care or dare ta climb
because i. was. fine.
rapping y’all’s industried lines like they divine cause y’all were giants, to me louder than lies or lions, godalmighty y’all’s crying was the kind of hellbent my ‘rents would bench me for so how could i be more than this:
a scared little burb bitch, a basic, privileged little whitegirl hipster chick whose anal rapings still began at six to begin
but chill, to someone’s else chagrin i’m not ill enough to will this front:
that my white, middleclass what-ifs twist the same soul-sickening rain as the spit i hear dripping with pain from friends of mine who lidding their shame confessing on my porch to a game i don’t know they had as much choice as i did to play and i diid babe

i am the last thing from your saving grace,

i am the last thing from your saving grace a scared little burb bitch, basic laced with hypocrisy’s taste for killing radley mockingjays then make the claim i don’t ratrace the fearful feet from the street where non-violence is the only thing asleep
no i wont keep
my flow a secret, see it though?
itty bitty pretty from no city just a burb girl at first too shy to blurb her own reverbs, asylum absurb that when she heard her own verse voiced she picked this choice with verbiage like so Oh my gawd this her word-for-word.
i’ll never rap in front of anyone.
then thought, oo hun-ny
that’s gonna be fun-fun-fun-funnny
i’d try this with no money and the playboy bunny on top Making jaws drop, maybe you’ll stop cuz im hot not but a fool didn’t know it wasn’t “rappers'” doors i’d be rapping on, fists not drawn maybe jaw a little tense cuz i’m the kind of uncool that my friend had to quietly school one night after practice said ain’t called rappin anymore
you’re an MC for sure
and i went, um, are you sure?
never heard that word before

(hook behind?)
i didn’t want to
seemed like Dr. Seuss
not cool

while in my suburban room i spewed your views the lyricism of your rhythms hittin me gettin me and my sister at thirteen

now 27 and in between everything i know nothing

in life i try to be so easy, gentle sweet so people pleasin with no teasin that at CVS they first-name greet me
bc i had the thought to meet them “High,” lookin em in the eye and cared
ahem so here i share at night i write the wrath that any sad really hath like mold
underneath a shiny bathmat
cuz it’s cheap er than wine or smack
more fun to rhyme, smack-talk
and my fuck the cursive high-way time
unless i feel like a drive do you tonight
i’d offer you a ride if you could recognize the smile that can wile away time with this much bile so vile a stench the henchman put ova in oh well
won’t quell my fire just cause rapbattle or you are, are you tired?
though at first i’d like to say most of you inspired me so thanks with a gratefully sincere humility from a queer MC breezy akeasy the worker bee no need for an MC name, we could Bri Bruce this Dr. Seuss stuff, the mute not moot my point that this rhyming juice
anoints a glee so free its equal angry spirals into tirade i wouldn’t trade
though im not tryna throw blame but hashtag truth
okay i’m kinda throwing it back at the you, annoying arrogance like a toy
like hipsters scared of that name, a shame men feel the same ain’t called boys
past a certain age
like spades scared of being called spades
what is that anyway (a kitchen sink?ut)
i am and am not afraid
the truth is there is no brave
i’m doing it anyway
i’d lose to you every day if you showed up at my place if that what it takes
to replace your lonely face, with a smile that loves to offer and not throw the aforementioned shade
unless of course it’s a sunny day, and everybody better that way
baby, cmon
you know lately you been shaking god
i can hear it underneath your lyrics
or mine cuz i forget
i’m a hypocrite
sup smitch, benj, bright fey like the wind
if that’s the undefined state it’s in

(hook) +
y’all, that’s not cool
not cool

tangent: and if not me then who?
ralphie may you rule. too big were your words to ignore
I cried, my breath gasping I could and would be more than
a scared little anything your comedy sings and I gotta give a final shout out
to you and others who do what you do:
Thank you for making hoots from boo-hoos. I wiggle, God sometimes an unexpected giggle.
Words just soundsquiggles”
x3 or ∞

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