This Won’t Make Sense (Unannotated)

This Won’t Make Sense ——————— the boys ——————— You bring bring us back to beaches, bonfires, flames – Daniel Barden liked campfires and swimming. that flutter like the wings of butterflies. – When Mrs. Hockley asked her autistic child, Dylan,…

This Won't Make Sense (Unannotated)



This Won’t Make Sense

——————— the boys ———————

You bring bring us back to beaches, bonfires, flames
– Daniel Barden liked campfires and swimming.

that flutter like the wings of butterflies.
– When Mrs. Hockley asked her autistic child, Dylan,
– why he flapped his arms continually he answered
– that he was a beautiful butterfly.

You tease a gap-toothed child. A baseball game
– Chase Kowalski loved baseball, triathlon and Cub
– Scouts. For Christmas he was hoping to get his
– two front teeth.

begins, the math of farm team hits and tries,
– Jesse Lewis loved mathematics, baseball, riding
– horses and playing on his mother’s farm.

of boys in shirts and shorts and gel-spiked hair.
– Dressed in T-Shirts, shorts and with a lot of gel
– in his hair, James Mattioli loved to dive, swim,
– bike, sing loudly and play on his IPad.

They’ll take the Number 7 subway train
– Benjamin Wheeler was about to receive a model
– version of the Number 7 subway train that his
– father used to take to work.

to watch some football, giants battling bears
– Jack Pinto loved the NFL New York Giants. After
– December 14th, NYGs Wide Receiver Victor Cruz
– wore Jack’s name on his shoes.

or other beasts. One plays a video game.
– Noah Pozner loved animals and video games.

——————— the women ——————–

The boss, in a hoop skirt and bobby socks,
– Principal Dawn Hochsprung, mother of 2 and
– stepmother of 3 girls, would attend school
– dances in hoop skirts and bobby socks.

surveys the paintings of dancehalls and gifts.
– A mother of 4, Anne Marie Murphy loved painting,
– dancing and gifts.

The music rests. The actors eat cupcakes.
– Substitute teacher Lauren Rousseau was going to
– attend the movie, ‘The Hobbit’. She had made
– cupcakes with the names of the actors on them.

The therapist observes. Her reading glasses shift.
– Psychologist Mary Sherlach had 2 grown daughters.
– She loved reading, gardening and the theater.

A Labrador detects a silent cue.
– Victoria Soto’s black lab, Roxie, waited for her
– to come home.

It barks. It runs in rings and waits for you.
– Rachel D’Avino loved karate, cooking, animals and
– photography. Her lover had bought a wedding ring
– and was waiting to propose to her on Christmas Eve.

——————— the girls ——————–

The sunlight fades your dress and curls,
– In her lovely red curls and dresses, Charlotte
– Bacon loved playing outdoors and going to school.

but you’re not home until you hug your pup.
– Madeleine F. Hsu loved reading, running and
– dancing. She’d race to her golden retriever
– when she got home from school.

Drawing pink and purple lambs, a girl
– Olivia Engel took art and dance lessons, swam,
– played tennis and soccer. She enjoyed Girl Scouts,
– musical theater, and school, especially math and
– reading. Pink and purple were her favorite colors;
– a stuffed lamb was her favorite toy.

devours her chocolate peanut butter cup.
– Josephine Gay loved peanut butter so much that she
– would eat it on a spoon.

As tiny voices sing an old jazz tune
– Ana Marquez-Greene had recently moved from Winnipeg
– to Sandy Hook. Like her jazz musician father, she
– loved singing.

caretakers pass around their business cards.
– Catherine Hubbard loved animals so much that she
– designed business cards listing herself as a ‘Care Taker’.

A spaniel traps a soccer ball and, soon,
– Grace McDonnell loved dressing up in jewelery and
– pink clothes. She enjoyed art, gymnastics, soccer
– and adored her tiny spaniel, Puddin’.

an artist grabs her pencils. She regards
– Emilie Alice Parker regarded new foods with
– suspicion but loved to draw.

the scene: the dog’s ballet, the jazz, the sheep;
– Caroline Previdi enjoyed swimming, soccer, jazz, ballet,
– art and the color pink. Last Christmas she gave up her
– piggy bank to buy gifts for needy children.

all fit here like a horse and cowboy boots.
– Jessica Rekos loved orcas and horses. She had asked
– for cowboy boots and a cowboy hat for Christmas.

Beyond the pool we watch an arrow’s steep
– Avielle Richman would giggle while she trotted on her
– horse. She was fascinated by her wobbly tooth. She
– loved reading, music, kung fu, skating, swimming, and
– archery.

descent, to land so deep within our roots.
– Allison Wyatt loved drawing, reading, mathematics and,
– most of all, gardening.

——————— the coda ———————

Such was the fall, before the winter took
the green and gilded leaves of Sandy Hook.

——————— the end ———————-

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